• Mooring systems

Mooring systems (on board)

IHC is a reliable partner for the delivery of high-quality mooring line installation systems required to meet the ever increasing demand for drilling and production in deep water and harsh field conditions. Mooring systems in particular are custom-made solutions, because the location and characteristics of the oil field determine the requirements. IHC delivers complete on board mooring systems on a turnkey basis, typically comprising underwater fairleads, chain jacks or pull-in winches, hydraulic power units, skidding- and other handling systems complying to the latest rules and regulations.

Chain fairleads

Chain stoppers

Designed to certifying authority standards, requiring minimum maintenance, to effective moor-on several sizes mooring chain.

Dual pawl type design, having minimum wear in chain, ensuring safe and secure holding of mooring chain.


Chain jacks & winches

Chain handling systems

Safe and fully controlled pulling of mooring chain and lines for loads till 650mt and up in linear and rotary configurations

Adequate pre-tension during chain jacking, safe chain cut-off operations, and translation of the chain jack assembly.